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St Anne's Spirit

'Flourishing Through Love' 

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‘Let all that you do be done in love’ – 1 Corinthians 16:14

'At St Anne’s we believe that a life lived through love is one focused not on ourselves, but on others and should be the foundation that guides our approach to all things. St Anne’s is a community committed to providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment for all of our children as if we were one family. We believe that through providing this environment it gives children the foundations to enable them to grow, develop and flourish.'

"Parents, staff, pupils and governors all speak passionately about the strong sense of teamwork, community, kindness, friendship, love and support" 

SIAMs Inspection Report May 2017

The school promotes a Possitive Behaviour Policy. This is based on our core values

Kindness – Thinking about how our words and actions affect others. Showing forgiveness and understanding to others.

Respect – By being patient and understanding that we are all unique. Celebrating each other’s achievements not just our own.

Growth –To be a reflective not only of our actions but as learners. Not to shy away from challenge.

Nurture – By showing care, thoughtfulness and consideration for others.

Through exhibiting and promoting these core values as a school community we create a St Anne's Spirit across the school.

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Collective Worship

As a Church of England school we obseve daily acts of Collective Worship. Coming together as a school each day, helps to promote our sense of community and of all being part of one St Anne's community. We have close links with our local parish church and we often hold key celebrations together which include termly eucharist services, harvet festival, Christmas carol concerts and Christingle services some of which take place at St Mary's Church in Godmanchester. 

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Reflection Spaces

Each class has a reflection space often linked to an assembly theme. These are areas where children can take a moment of peace and quiet to reflect and / or say a prayer. 

Within the main reception area of the school there is a larger Reflection Space, which allows all children, staff and visitors to take a moment to reflect. The theme of the main reflection area is changed two or three times a term to link with assemblies or whole school themes. Recently we have been reflecting on rememberence and have reminded ourselves of Poppy Day and why it is important to remember those who have died in many wars around the world. Below is a link to an interactive picture of our reflection area. You can click on the link or scan the QR code to find out more. 

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