St Anne's C of E Primary School

Staff Team


Head Teacher / Computing Curriculum Leader:  Miss Moor

Caroline Sibson

Assistant Head (Behaviour Lead) / PSHE and History Curriculum Leader/ Year 5 Class Teacher: Miss Sibson

Camilla Coulson

Assistant Head (Curriculum Lead) / Literacy Leader / Year 3 Class Teacher: Mrs Coulson

Sam Tavender

SENCo /  Physical Education Curriculum Leader / Year 2 Class Teacher: Miss Tavender

Jenny Robinson

Reception Class Teacher / Design and Technology Leader: Mrs Robinson

Michelle Wilkinson

Year 1 Class Teacher / RE joint Curriculum Leader: Mrs Wilkinson

katie keightley

Year 2 Class Teacher / RE joint Curriculum Leader: Mrs Keightley

Gemma Rowland

Year 1 Class Teacher / Art Curriculum Leader: Mrs Rowland

Sarah Peel

Year 3 Class Teacher / Science Curriculum Leader: Mrs Peel (On maternity leave 2022/2023)

Anne Rees

Year 3 Class PPA Cover Teacher / Music Curriculum Leader: Mrs Rees

Kate Radford

Year 4 Class Teacher / Geography Curriculum Leader: Mrs Radford



Year 5 Class Teacher: Mr Sadler 


Helen Curtis

Year 6 Class Teacher / Maths Curriculum Leader: Miss Curtis

Sarah Eddleston

Year 6 Class Teacher / MFL Curriculum Leader: Mrs Eddleston

 Mrs Byers

Year 4 class teacher Mrs Byers: Maternity Cover


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