St Anne's C of E Primary School

Class 1

 Welcome to Year 1

Sam Tavender           Michelle Wilkinson

Miss Tavender                        Mrs Wilkinson

(Mon-Wed)                                (Thurs-Fri)               


Welcome to Year 1. 

Year 1 is the first year of the National Curriculum, as such there is a more structured environment where children are encouraged to further develop their independence and to take ownerships of their belongings and learning.

We have a full timetable, which over the 3 terms will cover all aspects of the curriculum, please see the timetable for full details and curriculum pages for topic areas that we will cover.

We aim to grow lively and enquiring minds believing children should always find learning worthwhile and challenging. To do this we will scaffold, model and nurture children through their learning so that they can achieve at their own pace and to their best ability. Underpinning all of this is the St Anne’s Spirit.

We look forward to sharing your child’s learning journey with you and look forward to seeing them shine in their own individual ways!


Year 1 Class Timetable for each term:

Autumn Term -

Autumn Timetable

Spring Term -

Spring Timetable

Summer term -

Summer timetable

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