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Class 2

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Mrs Keightley (Thurs - Fri)

Sam Tavender






Miss Tavender (Mon - Weds)

TA's   Miss Flinders (mornings daily)  Mrs Plummer-Coles    Mrs Blow

 Class 2 timetable - document

Summer timetable


Summer Term 2023

The last term in Year 2! We continue to build on all the knowledge and skills the children have learnt over the last 2 terms. 

What do we have coming up this term ......

Science we will be looking at materials and plants. 

Geography will be about the continents/oceans/english coastlines/ physical and man made/ mapping skills just to name a few.

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DSCF0761   During a geography session we did an investigation about coastal erosion. We used a tray, sand, water and a ruler!


Spring Term 2023

What a fantastic Autumn term was had. The children have settled into the routine and expectations of Year 2. They continue to develop and challeneg themsleves, taking risks were needed. Many children are working independently and successfully. 

Spring term

History this term is about the Romans - we will be answering the questin 'What the Roman's did for us?'

Design Technology is about vehicles and making a moving vehicle using a chassis and axel. In Food Technology we will prepare a dish by planning it first and then using cutting, gratig and slicing skills.

Science will be about habitats around the world and food chains.


Design Technology session - naming parts of a vehicle. Class 2 children got to name parts of Miss Tavender's car using post it notes!


Food Technology - we planned and designed a pizza, thinking about food groups, healthy options and food hygiene. At the end we got to make the pizza and the kitchen ladies made the tomato sauce that we used.



Bin Bag Jellyfish - we made bin bag jellyfish as part of science to work out its food chain.



Welcome to Year 2 2022

With the return to school commencing on the 5th September, Year 2 staff are excited to see the children following the Summer Holidays. The Autumn term is going to be a busy one with children learning a number of different topics. See time table below to find out what subjects are being taught throughout the year. Expectations continue to rise and we are sure children will rise to them. We look forward to building on the blocks from last year and can't wait to see what the children achieve by the end of each term. Remember to keep an eye out for the sneaky peaks on your google classroom account!

Spelling information:

By the end of year 2 children should be able to spell the following:


year 2 common excpetion words


P.E. Coach:  Mr Grey

P.E. is every Monday afternoon

Some suggested books to read:

Year 2 reading spine



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