St Anne's C of E Primary School

Class 3


 Welcome to Class 3!

Class Teacher: Mrs S. Peel

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs J. Palar

PE Teacher (Monday afternoons): Mr T. Evans

Class 3 Reading Rockets                                                   

                                        r. rocket certificate

In Class 3, we thoroughly enjoy reading both in and out of school. To celebrate our reading, each person has a reading rocket that gets moved up on our class display every time they show reading at home in their learning journals. Once their rocket has made its way to the top, children are then rewarded with a Reading Rocket certificate and 5 House Points!

What did we get up to in Spring Term?


For our DT topics, Class 3 learnt all about...Bread and Bridges!


To kick things off, we first learnt about different bridge structures such as...

   beam bridge                      arch bridge                                                        cantilever bridge

          beam bridges                                     arch bridges                                                        cantilever bridges

We then carried out investigations in small groups where we tested the strength of beam and arch bridges depending on...

-the distance between their beams

-the strength of their beams

After this, we then used our findings to help create our own paper bridge models in small groups. 

IMG_0047.jpgIMG 0050


During this second half-term, we learnt about...

-different types of bread (including some tasting sessions!)

-how bread dough is made (we had a go at making over very own salt dough as a tester)

-leavened vs. unleavened bread (how can you tell the difference?)

We then used our new-found knowledge to create our own batches of hot-cross buns. These tied in nicely with our RE topic where we learnt about Holy Week and Easter time in the Christian community.

IMG 0212 IMG 0220IMG 0233IMG 0298IMG 0298

Here is a sneaky peek of what we will be learning in the Summer term...

Monet painting 1                      mfl image            Plants image

Art and Geography                        MFL                            Science


Year 3 Class timetables for each term

Autumn term:

Autumn term

Spring term:

Spring term

Summer term:

Update: Our PSHE and MFL lessons have now swapped, so MFL will be on Monday and PSHE will be on Tuesday.

Summer term

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