St Anne's C of E Primary School

Class 4


Welcome back to Year 4 Summer Term

Below you will be able to see examples of work that the children produced during the spring term.

We loved our artwork - The painting, the pastels, collage and the drawings. Here are some reminders of the representations that we made.















DSCF0001 croppedScience - Looking at how sound travels using our ears, cupped hands and then a cone to see how these affect how we hear sounds. Most of us could hear a difference. The cupping of our hands made the sound a bit clearer. The paper cone worked well to help us hear more clearly.



 As part of our literacy we had some fun with role-play and getting into character. We investigated how it felt to look at people in different ways.


We took on the role of two teachers from our class text, having a discussion.



Below you will find information about our Class 4 curriculum and timetables for across the summer. These timetables show the variety of learning that happens during the summer term. You will see that we are studying music and history.during this term and the science forcus is electricity followed by biological science including animals and humans.






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