St Anne's C of E Primary School

House Captains

When children join St Anne's, they are allocated a house. Members of each house work together to earn housepoints and weekly totals are announced during our Celebration Collective Worships. At the end of each half term, the winning house is rewarded with a film afternoon. Children can earn housepoints for following the St Anne's Spirit, being kind and respectful to others, working hard and much more. 

Each house is represented by a Year 6 House Captain and Vice Captain. In September, all Year 6 children have the opportunity to stand for election. To do this, they create a video or presentation stating the reasons why they feel that they are the right candidates for the job. To choose the winning candidtates, all of the children in their house vote in a whole-school election. 

Each of our house badges were designed as a result of a school-wide competition. All children had the opportunity to enter the competition and the houses voted for their winners. 

Here are the house badges. 


                                                           Devana                                   Ermine

                                        devana       ermine                                                       

                                                           Fosse                                  Watling                       

                                     fosse      watling             


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