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St Anne's continually reviews its curriculum to ensure that children experience a broad range of knowledge and skills throughout their journey through the school. 

Following a subject review and a proposed change in the teaching timetable for next accademic year, a new Progression of skills and knowledge will be lauched alongside the new whole school teaching plan for Art. 

For more details see the documents below. New knowedge organisers for September 2023 are being developed based on these plans.

Art Progression of Knowledge and skills         Whole school teaching plan - ART


Art Curriculum 2022 - 

The Art Curriculum at St Anne’s covers all areas of the national curriculum. Some key aspects of the subject are taught discretely within a termly block, however there are many cross curricular opportunities for children to practise their developing skills throughout the year.


As with all foundation areas of the school's curriculum, there are Knowledge Organisers available for each year group. These can be found within each class page. There are also additional resources that children can use as part of the schools 'Pre-teach' methodology that allows children to research specific topic areas at home either before a topic starts or as a reference tool during the teaching of this subject area. These resources can also be found on class pages. 


For a full overview of the schools Art Curriculum, download the subject area document below.:

Art curriculum cover

St Anne's Art Curriculum Document. 

Below, you can see just some of the examples of the amazing work our children have produced. Children across the school have been busy applying their painting and printmaking skiils to create art work based on a variety of different Artists:

IMG 0738
 IMG 0739  
IMG 0740
IMG E0742

A celebration of Artists!

Year 1 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here

Year 1 A Year 1 B 

Year 2 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here

Year 2 A Year 2 B

Year 3 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here 

Year 3 A Year 3 B

Year 4 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here 

Year 4 A Year 4 B

Year 5 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here 

Year 5 A Year 5 B

Year 6 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here  

Year 6 A Year 6 B

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