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Computers and technology are part of every day life to so many of us that children would be at a disadvantage if they were not exposed to a thorough and robust ICT and computing curriculum within school. Our aim is for children to become confident users of ICT so that they can develop the skills, knowledge and understanding which enables them to be confident, creative and independent learners, whilst also understanding the basic principles of keeping themselves safe online. Through the use of a range of ICT equipment, programs and teaching in school, children start to understand the basic principles of programming and how to interact with technology in their every day lives. They develop confidence in using ICT to not only present their thoughts and ideas but to also research and explore different learning themes and ideas across the curriculum. By equipping children with the skills and knowledge to become more independent and confident in the use of ICT they are then able to confidently use it to support all areas of their learning and in their lives both inside and outside of the school now and in the future.

Some of the learning in our classrooms - 

Year 5 learn how to program an electronics controller called Crumble. They they use these skills alongside their Design and Technology learning to program the controller to light up and power fair ground rides that they have designed and built. 

Crumble 1 Crumble 2 Crumble 4

Year 1 learn how to use the keyboard effectively on a chomebook

Yr1 IT Yr 1 IT2

The coverage of the National Curriculum has been acrefully planned across all year groups. We also ensure that the skills and knowledge that children need to aquire is also carefully sequenced throughout their journey at St Anne's. The documents below show the Curriculum Coverage across each Key Stage and which units of work provide the different skills and knowledge children need in this subject area:



To find out more about the schools Computing Curriulum click on the link below to downland the overview document:

front cover 

Computing Curriculum Overview Click here  

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser for Computing - Click here

Yr 1 Pt1 Yr 1 pt 2

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser for Computing - Click here

Year 2 Pt 1 Yr2 Pt 2

Year 3 Knowledge Organiser for Computing - Click here

Year 3 pt1 Year 3 pt 2

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser for Computing - Click here

Yr4 part 1 Year 4 Pt 2

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser for Computing - Click here

year 5 Pt 1 year 5 pt 2

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser for Computing - Click here

 Yr6 Pr2 Yr6 Pr2


Internet Safety is also a key part of our computing curriculum. If you would like to know more about this area, the ThinkuKnow website provides useful information for parents and carers. Below is the link to the website.


St Anne's CofE Primary School is a member of the National Online Safety website. 

National Online Safety

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