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Geography curriculum overview

The natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source in life that makes life worth,’  David Attenborough.

The above quote from David Attenborough helps illustrate the importance of geography. At St Anne’s, we are passionate about the world we live in as well as caring for it. Understanding the world we live in and how we can look after it is vital.

The aim of the geography curriculum across the school, is to provide rich and diverse teaching and learning experiences that develop children's curiosity about the world around them and the people within it. Children learn about the local area and compare this with other areas within the UK and the wider world. Through investigating differences and similarities within physical and human features of different environments, children develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. It is our aim that the geography curriculum equips children with key knowledge and skills to provide them with an awareness of their impact in the world now and in the future. British values are entwined in the curriculum through an understanding and respect of other cultures.

Each class is taught geography for one afternoon a week for a term and includes field trips and enquiries. Geography is currently taught using the knowledge organisers and St Anne’s geography curriculum overview which is in line with the national curriculum. The children have a copy of the knowledge organisers so they know their learning journey and are able to reflect upon it.

Lessons are differentiated to ensure SEN children have access to the curriculum and greater depth pupils are challenged. Lessons are often cross curricular for example linked with work in literacy. This year, Year 6 created some wonderfully informative leaflets about climate change in literacy linked with their learning in geography. Year 4 studied Escape from Pompeii as an English text to link with their learning on volcanoes in geography.

Geog info text year 6

 In a geography lesson, a starter will focus on quick retrieval at the start to help support remembering more from previous lessons. The topics covered in each year group can be seen on the knowledge organiser below along with the key vocabulary.  

We are in the process of working towards a more formalised method of assessment. Currently we use a variety of assessment tools such as page spreads at the end of a topic, mini tests and ongoing teacher assessments. Children’s work is completed in exercise books which are passed up to the next year group with the class.   

The subject leader monitors the planning, children’s work and observes lesson. Pupil voice also helps to give a picture of how the children are responding and valuing what they are leaning. The subject leader will also work with the class teacher to help plan field trips and enquiries.  

Whole school overview: 

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