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History Curriculum Overview


Our History curriculum aims to excite and enthuse children and allow them to develop their own skills as historians by developing questioning skills and encouraging enquiry.We have designed the curriculum to build thoughout the school and to take the children on a 'Learning journey' that helps them to develop a clear chronological understanding. By providing a wide range of learing opportunities, we aim to equip children with the knowledge and understanding of the ways in which people lived in the past so that they are able to make choices about their own lives today and in the future. 

Each year, class teachers plan for exciting trips and activities from visitors that will inspire children and bring a real 'hands on' approach to their learning. 

As with all foundation areas of the school's curriculum, there are Knowledge Organisers available for each year group. These can be found within each subject page. There are also additional resources that children can use as part of the school's 'Pre-teach' methodology that allows children to research specific topic areas at home, either before a topic starts, or as a reference tool during the teaching of this subject area. 


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Click the link below to see the school History Curriculum Overview:


History curriculum overview 

Year 1 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here

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Year 2 - Download Knoweldge Organiser - click here

Year 2 A Year 2 B 

Year 3 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here

Year 2 A Year 3 B 

Year 4 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here

Year 4 A Year 4 B 

Year 5 - Download Knowledge Organiser -click here

Year 5 A Year 5 B

Year 6 - Download Knowledge Organiser - click here

Year 6 A Year 6 B

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