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History Curriculum Overview

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The aim of the St Anne’s History curriculum is for our children to understand that history is the narrative of the past and that, by understanding the past, they can better understand and empathise with the world in which they live in today.  We want children to be excited by history and aim to enable them to delve deeper into this subject, understanding how culture, daily life and different civilizations differ from that of the modern world. In addition to this, we want children to know how history has impacted their lives today.

The history projects (units) within our curriculum are well sequenced to provide a coherent subject scheme that develops children’s historical knowledge, skills and subject disciplines. Key aspects and concepts, such as chronology, cause and effect, similarity and difference, significance and hierarchy, are revisited throughout all projects and are developed over time. All projects also develop historical skills based on evidence and historical enquiry. The choice of historical periods follows the guidance set out in the national curriculum, with specific details relating to significant events and individuals chosen to present a rich and diverse account of British and world history. Within these projects, we ensure that the children study the Fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs, and individual liberty. 

In summary, the aim of our curriculum is to ensure that children leave St Anne’s equipped with the historical skills and knowledge that will enable them to be ready for the curriculum at secondary school and for life as an adult in the wider world.  They will have a coherent knowledge and understanding of their own historical heritage, Britain’s past and that of the wider world and will have developed a curiosity to know more about this subject as they move into Key Stage Three.

St Anne's is looking forward to beginning a new History Curriculum. Click the link below to see the new History Curriculum Overview:

Curriculum Overview

Here is the long term plan for the new History Curriculum. 

History Long Term Plan




 Knowledge Organisers: 

Below, you will find the knowledge organisers for the topics covered in each year group. Click on the pictures to find out more. 

Year 1 - Childhood and School Days 

Childhood 1   School days 1

Year 2 - Magnificent Monarchs and Movers and Shakers 

Mag mon 2      Move shake 2

Year 3 - Emperors and Empires and Through the Ages 

emperors 3      stone age 3

 Year 4 - Ancient Civilsation and Invasion

Egypt 4    Invasion

Year 5 - Dynamic Dynasties and Groudbreaking Greeks 


Dyn Dyn 5   Greeks 5


Year 6 - Britain at War and Maafa 



History Trips and Enrichment Opportunities  

At St Anne's, we run a variety of school trips and visits that help to enrich the History Curriculum and to provide a real 'hands-on' approach to learning. Look below to see some photographs of some of our trips. In recent years, classes have visited the local Cromwell Museum, Flag Fen, West Stow and Duxford. There have also been in-school visits from the local Porch Museum and Portals to the Past.

In addition to this, we participate in Godmanchester's Remembrance events each year, including creating a display of remembrance outside the school and participating in the remembrance parade in November. 


  cromwell 2      duxford 5 



Capture 4 Capture 55  duxford


Cromwell 1


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