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STOP PRESS: Here are our proud Year 5 pupils having won the local heat of the Cambridgeshire Maths Challenge 2023!! We love Maths at St Anne's! We are looking forward to the final! 

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Maths is part of everyday life, from using money and telling the time to working out complicated mathematical problems within places of work. Mathematical concepts are all around us and we encourage children to apply their maths skills each day in and out of the actual maths lesson- from our foundation stage children using their maths skills to problem solve in the outdoor area to Year 6 applying their knowledge of fractional parts of a beat when composing body percussion pieces..

At St Anne's we ensure that our mathematics curriculum fully embraces the three key areas of the national curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We endevour to bring maths to life for young children by using the approach of  'Say it,' 'Build it,' 'Draw it' and 'Write it' and the working walls that we have in each classroom are organised in this way to help children understand the topic that they are focusing on. These four ways of demonstrating a mathematical concept enable children to visualise maths and make sense of the numbers on a page so that their understanding moves from concrete to pictorial and then abstract. We firmly believe that an emphasis on talk, and conceptial understanding underpins the development of skilled and curious mathematicians who can make conjectures and generalisations to prove their understanding.

We base our sequence of learning on the materials produced by White Rose. This produces a structure for teacher to build their own mathematical teaching around but each teacher ensures that the small steps that the children take are the right ones for them- so we use the scheme as a guide and supplement it with other materials as appropriate and use professional judgement to tailor learning to what our classes need. .

Language and vocabulary is key- to see the range of mathematical language in the classroom click here

To view our maths policy  click here   - this ocument includes details of our curriculum intent, implementation and impact. 

 A key part of our daily maths teaching is recap of what we have learnt previously eg last week/ last month/ last year- we do this using 'flashback 4' so that children are constantly revisiting topics covered thus helping them move into their long-term memory. Examples of this are below:

flashback y2 example                                     flashback y4 example

At the bottom of this page you can see the medium term plan for each class at St Anne's so that you know what areas your child is likely to cover. 


The current calculation policies are sourced from the White Rose Maths hub and provide clear examples of the type of methods that we use at St Anne's.Click on the images below to explore some of the methods that we teach in school.

     Calulation Poicy 1                          calculation policy 2


How to help your child with maths at home

Once they are ready, all children are given a login for numbots and then TT rockstars- practising number facts and tables facts on  these learning platforms 2 or 3 times a week is an excellent way for pupils to support their maths learning at home. Click here to logon.

numbots login                                             tt rockstars login

If you need the school postcode to logon it is PE29 2WW and if you do not have your child's logon then please dojo their class teacher.

There are also some fabulous online games that can be used at home to support mathematics:

buds number garden eyfs         

Bud's Number Garden is a fabulous game for our Early Years Children and Karate Cats is suitable for Key Stage One.

buds number garden eyfs       

Hit the button is suitable for children of all ages. The website it comes from (TOPMARKS) has a range of other high quality maths games that your children may find fun and that will certainly help them practise their basic facts. 

hit the button pic         topmarks pic

defenders of mathematica 

Defenders of Mathematica is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. 

The BBC bitesize site also has some excellent revision resources covering all aspects of the Key Stage One and Two Mathematics Curriulum.

Children's curiosity about maths and love of the subject can be hugely encouraged by home enthusiasm. Counting trampoline jumps or walking up the stairs, adding up shopping as you go around the supermarket, following league tables and playing games such as snakes and ladders and darts can be really fun ways to experience maths as a family. Encouraging your child to have their 'Maths Eyes' open as they explore the world around them can also help them see the beauty and excitement of maths and its relevance to our world. 

feet toes                        shapes see                      triangles can you see

As always, if you aren't sure about anything, please ask your child's teacher and they will be only too happy to help.

To view the skills progression in maths that we cover at St Anne's please click here 

Units covered over the course of the year: please note the order may be adjusted as teachers review learning needs of the class as part of ongoing assessment. 

 Reception Class:

Reception units

Year 1


new schemes overview y1a 

Year 2

new schemes overview y2

 Year 3

new schemes overview y3

 Year 4

new schemes overview y4

 Year 5 

                                                  new schemes overview y5

Year 6 

new schemes overview y6

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