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Phonics at St Anne's School

Phonics is taught as soon as children start in Reception and throughout KS1. At St Anne’s we have adopted the DFE approved Floppy Phonic Scheme to support the teaching of phonics within the school.

In Reception and KS1 there is dedicated time each day where phonics is taught in line with the teaching cycle recommended by the Floppy Phonic Scheme. The teaching cycle is highlighted here:

Floppy Phonic teaching cycle

There is a set sequence that phonic sounds are taught within EYFS and KS1.

click to see phonic prog


Reading books: -

Children are issued with Sound Books that replicate the teaching within the class. Reading books are also issued in line with the Floppy Phonics program and ensure that children have a reading book at home that includes the phonic sounds that they have been taught and are secure in recognising and bleding to read words. 

sound book 1  sound books 2 floppy reading books

Alongside this we also allow children to take home a book to share with an adult. This may be a book that is beyond their phonic level, but is one that is selected by them and develops a childs love for reading and for books and encourages parent engagement. 

The children are assessed regularly to check how they are progressing with their understanding and learning of phonics. Catch up interventions are put inplace for children who may take a little longer to learn and apply all of the phonic sounds required. These Catch up interventions will also be used within KS2. 

Once children have completed all 5 Phases of the Floppy Phonic scheme, children are ready to move onto the schools Accelerated Reading scheme and the schools No Nonsense Spelling Program which continues throughout KS2. 





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