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Religious Education

Religious Education


Religious Education at St. Anne’s School aims to develop religious literacy in pupils so they can develop attitudes of respect towards those who hold views different to their own, via high quality teaching. We strongly believe that pupils should not only acquire knowledge but learn to use their knowledge to understand their world, build community, and develop their personal position, developing tolerance and compassion for others in our society. 

We endeavour to deliver a curriculum that helps pupils to acquire and develop a deep knowledge and understanding of Christianity as a global religion and which focuses on the core beliefs rooted in the Bible. The curriculum also aims to teach other world religions and sets of beliefs in a way that means pupils can make links and comparisons between faiths and ideas, supporting diversity and developing respect for others.


As a church school, RE is taught with a strong Christian focus in EYFS and KS1. This endeavours to support the school’s Christian vision for each child to grow in their faith, and builds a foundation on which to develop religious literacy. We use the resource, ‘Understanding Christianity’ which supports understanding in core theological areas; Creation, The Fall, People of God, Kingdom of God, Incarnation, Gospel and Salvation. It uses the Bible to introduce key ideas and how these then impact everyday Christian life. We use the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus to support our teaching of other faiths, including Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.

Children also have the opportunity to reflect on their own views on other world religions and beliefs, by exploring the key beliefs of each and how these impact on a believer’s life, keeping our British Values in mind. 

We also encourage opportunities for engagement with the Church and the wider Godmanchester community, building strong relationships with linked clergy and outreach drama group GenR8 visit once a term. The children love visiting St. Mary’s church in Godmanchester and we hold whole-school services there across the year, and Eucharist services will also take place in school (led by Rev. David Busk). We have enjoyed visits from Daniel Beckett from Godmanchester Baptist Church. In the past year we have also developed our own Junior GenR8 group within Key Stage 2, and they frequently deliver Collective Worship to the whole school. Our RE curriculum is designed to meet the content requirements of the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus, with Christianity lessons being taught using Understanding Christianity Units provided by RE.Today.


Pupils will learn about a wider range of religious and beliefs.  They will be able to demonstrate an increasing age-appropriate ability to reflect upon religion and different views.

Pupils will show respect for all faiths.

RE teaching and learning underpins and encompasses British Values and St Anne’s Spirit across the school.

Pupils should be able to demonstrate religious literacy required to make measured and balanced arguments about religious topics. 

Our pupils are confident and able to form their own opinions, ask questions and explore their own belief systems in a supportive, accepting and open way.

The whole school RE curriculum map is outlined below.

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Curriculum Coverage across all year groups

Each unit taught folllows the same format: 

 Each unit contains

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