St Anne's C of E Primary School


At St Anne’s we aim to provide a Science curriculum that builds upon the natural curiosity of young children in. By harnessing this and developing their verbal questioning and reasoning skills, we enable children to gain a greater understanding of the world around them.


In our Science curriculum, we use the teaching of core knowledge and skills within a range of creative and engaging activities. This is in order to provide children with the foundations for the three core areas of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

We encourage scientific thinking by challenging children to make predictions, carry out experiments and construct reasoned conclusions from what they observe. 


Our schemes of work are supported by Herts for Learning planning formats and documents.


We have developed a series of whole school Science weeks that occur each term. These focus on a key area of Science and creates opportunities for the whole school community to come together to discover more. The development of these science weeks along side the weekly science lessons in each class, raises the profile of this important subject area.  

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