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Welcome to a school that nurtures and supports the 'whole child' through providing creative learning opportunities and cherishing its christian distinctiveness. Each child is a unique individual and at St Anne's we endeavor to celebrate individuality by working along side parents to enable children to fulfill their full potential.  

"An environment that is highly conductive to learning"

OFSTED Report March 2018

Quality teaching

High expectations, quality teaching and strong leadership are providing the right outcomes for our children. Our curriculum responds to the children’s interests and needs through a creative and innovative approach which develops independence and thinking skills.

"Outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners" 

SIAMs Inspection Report May 2017

St Anne's Spirit

 As a Church of England primary school, everything we say and do is done ‘within the love of God’. Our Christian distinctiveness is apparent in all that we do. St Anne's Spirit is more than just a behavior policy. It is a set of principles that the entire St Anne's Community accept and work towards. This enables everyone at the school to work productively and respectfully together. All faiths are welcomed equally and children and families are not expected to have a faith commitment, but Christian values and references do guide all that goes on at St Anne’s.

"Parents, staff, pupils and governors all speak passionately about the strong sense of teamwork, community, kindness, friendship, love and support" 

SIAMs Inspection Report May 2017

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St Anne's CofE Primary School

London Road, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. PE29 2WW

e: office@stannes.cambs.sch.uk t: 01480 375300


Monday - Friday: 8.55am - 3.15pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed